Agency - Very Agency

What is Very?

The short version about Very is that we are a community marketing agency who create preferences. The longer version is the story about how we do it…

Since Very was established in 2006 we have worked strategically with communities as a modern media, which the target group are both influenced and inspired by, to build trustworthy and relevant brand positions.

Our philosophy is that the more a brand is able to contribute to a certain lifestyle, the more relevant the brand becomes. People today no longer trust advertising – they trust their own network and role models. The key to successful marketing today is to have the right insights of the target group’s lifestyle in order to generate peer recommendations.

Very’s original planner team is the key to our community marketing approach. The recruitment of each profile is based on their influence and passion for these communities making their knowledge our main asset to ensure that brands become a trustworthy part of a community – not just associated to it.

The output of Very’s community marketing strategy is an opportunity to differentiate from competitors due to the relevant and user generated content – offline as well as digital content – community collaboration can generate.

If this has made you curious to hear more about us, we are always happy to meet new people. So don’t hesitate to give us a call for a non-binding presentation.